Custom Door Styles

McGrath Nashville Cabinetry sells, delivers and installs each cabinet to your specification and desired tastes.

Worn Beauty ~ Rugged Sophistication ~ Naturally Relaxed.
Rustic style displays the little imperfections found in nature and holds true to everyday living. Think organic, elemental and authentic. Focus on fashioning an aged ambiance, drawing inspiration from nature, and exposing the beauty in simplicity. Choose cabinetry made from rustic wood with its dramatic colors, knots and pinholes. Pick distressing effects that add a worn texture.

Custom Classic Styled Cabinet Companies in Tennessee

Everyday Elegance ~ Sophisticated Details ~ Timeless Tradition.
Classic style is all about the finer things. Think luxury, richness and depth. Focus on furniture-like detailing, creating balance and symmetry, and incorporating tasteful embellishments. To achieve this select look, choose cabinetry with detailing and rich colors. Doing so will highlight craftsmanship and hand detailing, elevating the luxury factor of your Classic style.

Custom Eclectic Cabinets in Nashville Tn

Fashionably Understated ~ Effortlessly Cozy ~ Creatively Casual.
Eclectic artistically blends old and new to create a flexible style that’s one of a kind. Think simple, unique and charming. Focus on taking inspiration from the unexpected, mixing and matching what you love, and crafting a lived-in feel. Embrace the unconventional by making choices based on what inspires you, and use cabinetry as a unifying element in your Eclectic style.

Sleek Minimalism ~ Clean Lines ~ Warm Simplicity.
Modern design is about making a statement. Think sleek, streamlined and simple. Focus on long lines, bold use of color, and unadorned minimalism. Less is more. Wherever you fall in the spectrum of Modern design, use cabinetry as an element to express your innovative sensibilities and to set the stage for an understated but oh-so-dramatic style statement.