Semi-Custom Cabinets

Shop Nashville's Custom Hardwood Cabinetry Center and Save! We sell affordable kitchen cabinets built, colored and installed to perfectly match your custom tastes. These cabinets are more expensive because every element of their design is chosen by the customer.
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McGrath designs and remodels kitchens in the Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Murfreesboro and throughout Metro Nashville for homeowners looking for hardwood cabinetry. With Legacy's Debut, we specialize in fulfilling custom cherry, maple, hickory, rustic hickory, oak and "thermafoil" cabinetry orders with truly fine craftsmanship.

Once you have chosen your wood species and chosen within our variety of door styles - you can add many different customization option to make your new kitchen cabinets exceptional and one-of-a-kind.

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You will absolutely adore all the decorative options delivered in our Semi- Custom cabinets! Once you have selected your wood species and door style and species. That's when the options really begin! Choose within our abundant line of Cabinet Options including Color-Splash, Distressing, Glazing, Accessories, Mouldings, and our Semi-Custom Options to make your new kitchen cabinets just right...for you.

Choose Your Hardwood and Door Style

Cabinets sorted by Wood Species here . Once you have your species picked out. Choose your door type of available styles!

Cherry Cabinets Nashville TN

Custom Cherry Cabinets

18 door styles, 15 finishes

Cherry ranges in color of white to deep red-brown. It is exceptionally stable & unsurpassed in its finishing qualities.

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Maple Cabinets Nashville TN

Custom Maple Cabinets

26 door styles, 57 finishes

Maple is a closed-grain wood that sands to a very smooth finish. As it ages, maple will take on a golden hue.

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New Hickory Kitchen Cabinets Nashville TN

Custom Hickory Cabinets

9 door styles, 9 finishes

Hickory hardwood is a relatively smooth species often chosen for its dramatic color and shade variation and its well known grain pattern.

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Hickory Cabinet Designers in Tennessee

Custom Rustic Hickory Cabinets

2 door styles, 3 finishes

Rustic Hickory is a mostly smooth hardwood chosen for its contrasting color and shade variation and its prominent grain.

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Oak Kitchen Cabinet Designers in Tennessee

Custom Oak Cabinets

11 door styles, 24 finishes

Red oak is one of the most popular hardwoods for custom cabinet makers and buyers. Custom kitchens cabinetry made with red oak has a warm and open-grained pattern.

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Thermafoil Kitchen Cabinet Dealers in Nashville

Custom Thermafoil Cabinets

9 door styles, 2 finishes

"Thermafoil" is an advanced cabinet surface material with high sustainability, design and durability.

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Add Finishes to Your Legacy Door

Whether you choose Cherry, Maple, Oak, Hickory, Rustic Hickory or another Thermafoil you are sure to find finishing that works great for your kitchen design idea.

Custom Cherry Cabinet Stains

Cherry Cabinet Finishes

Custom Cherry Finishes

Cherry’s smooth, tight- grain, rich color, and stability have won high favor for use in kitchen cabinetry.

View Cherry Finished Cabinets by Legacy
Hickory Rustic Finished Cabinets

Hickory Rustic Finished Cabinets

Custom Rustic Finishes

Rustic also Rustic Hickory is a relatively smooth hardwood chosen for its contrasting color and shade variations and its noticeable grain.

View Rustic Hickory Cabinet Finishes by Legacy
Maple Cabinet Finishes

Maple Cabinet Finishes


Maple is a strong, evenly- textured wood with a natural luster. While it is very uniform, you will notice random mineral streaks, worm tracks, or birds-eye patterns.

View Maple Finishes by Legacy
Hickory Cabinet Finishes

Hickory Finished Cabinets


Hickory is hand selected to have more pronounced variations of its natural wood characteristics.

View Hickory Finished Cabinets by Legacy
Thermofoil Finished Cabinets

Thermafoil Finishes


Your choice of 2 finishes for your Affordable Custom Thermafoil Cabinets by Legacy.

View Thermafoil Finishes by Legacy
Custom Oak Cabinet Wash Stains

Oak Finishes


Your choice of 24 beautiful finishes for your Custom Oak Cabinets by Legacy.

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Custom Oak Cabinet Wash Stains

Oak Finishes


Your choice of 24 beautiful finishes for your Custom Oak Cabinets by Legacy.

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