Legacy Custom Cabinets

Maple Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Even texture ~ Natural sheen ~ Straight or wavy grain character
Maple is a strong, evenly- textured wood with a natural luster. While it is very uniform, you will notice random mineral streaks, worm tracks, or birds-eye patterns. The grain is primarily straight, but can be wavy at times. Maple is a closed-grain wood that sands to a very smooth finish. As it ages, maple will take on a golden hue. Due to the density and hardness of maple, natural expansion and contraction may be more apparent at joints than with softer hardwoods.

Custom Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

Smooth and Tight Grain ~ Rich Color ~ High Finishing Qualities.
MCherry’s smooth, tight- grain, rich color, and stability have won high favor for use in kitchen cabinetry. Cherry ranges in color from white to deep red-brown. It is exceptionally stable & unsurpassed in its finishing qualities. Cherry’s color deepens, mellows, with age due to its unique photosensitivity.

Hickory Kitchen Cabinets in Nashville

Smooth species ~ Dramatic contrasts ~ Beloved grain pattern.
Hickory hardwood is a relatively smooth species often chosen for its dramatic color and shade variation and its well known grain pattern. The color of hickory can vary from nearly white to medium - brown. Bird peck, tiny to small pin knots, and mineral design streaks are common characteristics in hickory.

Popular ~ Stains evenly ~Outstanding character grain and variations
Red oak is one of the most popular hardwoods for custom cabinet makers and buyers. Custom kitchens cabinetry made with red oak has a warm and open-grained pattern. This species semi-smooth feel is caused by the grain and the process used on Red Oak brings out this characteristic. Oak stains easily and evenly with a outstanding grain appearance. Variations in natural color are common in Red Oak and pin knots can occur as well as and mineral streaks are usually seen in Red Oak stock.

Custom Rustic Cabinet Doors

Smooth and Tight Grain ~ Rich Color ~ High Finishing Qualities.
Rustic also Rustic Hickory is a relatively smooth hardwood chosen for its contrasting color and shade variations and its noticeable grain. Color can vary from nearly white to medium - brown. Bird pecks, tiny small pin knots, and mineral streaks are very common characteristic in hickory.

Custom Thermafoil Cabinet Doors

High Quality Design ~ Durable Vinyl construction
Thermafoil is produced using a high quality 3/4” MDF “Medium Density Fiberboard”. After door preparation, the MDF is wrapped with a durable vinyl like product “Thermafoil”, by using a combination of heat and pressure.

You will absolutely adore all the decorative options delivered in our Semi- Custom cabinets! Once you have selected your wood species and door style and species. That's when the options really begin! Choose within our abundant line of Cabinet Options including Color-Splash, Distressing, Glazing, Accessories, Mouldings, and our Semi-Custom Options to make your new kitchen cabinets just right...for you.